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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Challenge Your Beliefs and Break Those Myths

If you think that Sun "actually" rises and sets in a day, think about it again. Does it? Really? 
And if that does not tell you enough about the zillions of myths that we are all surrounded with in our day to day life, then please read on....

"Dad, what time is the sunset today?" asked my inquisitive 13 year old fairy.

"I don't know baby. May be, you got to find out from the internet."

Searching though the net, something was running through her mind. I was sitting just behind her, reading one of my favorite books.

"Dad, I have a question" she asked while still facing the computer.

"Go ahead, baby." I replied, my eyes still engrossed in my book. "Outliers" is difficult to leave when you are running through the section which explains how most of the plane crashes usually happen, and how our culture impacts those.

"I can see here on the website that sunset and sunrise happen at specific times in a day. But when I compare this with what I studied about the solar system in my school, I also see that sun is stationary at the center of the solar system - so how come it rises and sets?" 

Now, even Outliers is going to fail. Knowing her, I realised where this discussion is headed to. 

"You have hit the bulls eye. That's a very very intelligent question. Actually, Sun neither rises nor sets. It is just there. But still half of the world sees a sun rise and the other half sees a sun set, depending on the position each individual is holding on the planet Earth vis-a-vis the sun."

"Oh I see. Interesting Dad. So, this is a myth that sun rises and sets?"

"Yes, it is."

"And are there other similar myths in this world?"

"There are zillions. We are surrounded by such myths. And each of these is a cause of fear among us." I knew I was entering a territory which would demand quite a bit of explanation. I was ready.

"Fear? and what do you mean when you say that we are surrounded by such myths? She asked.

"Yes, there are zillions of them. I don't know from where do I start." I tired to elaborate.

"Which is the biggest of all these myths that induces fear?"

"You really want to know about the biggest one? Actually, I feel you are too young for that, but still let me make an attempt to explain that to you."

"The biggest myth is that we will die one day. And that we are born."

"But why do you say that it is a myth. We actually die, we actually take birth, isn't it?

"No, we never. We never take birth. We never die. Just like the sun - which never sets or rises. Sun is just there. Similarly, we are just there - but in one world, we seem like dying, and in the other, we seem like taking a birth. But birth and death is all a perception. It does not actually happen."

"I cannot really understand this."

"I told you may be too young for this. But here is the fact. The fact is that we are a soul - an energy - that never dies. We, the soul, can move from one body to another - which people confuse it with death and birth, but actually the soul never dies. It is just there - always."

"And death, as you may know, is the cause of the biggest fear in this world. What a tragedy to believe that your time period is limited, and you are going to die. The fact is that you never will live on for ever."

"Oh my God, and you are saying that there are zillions of other such myths. What happens if we get rid of all these myths." 
She had turned around in her chair and was now facing me. By now, my book was kept aside.

"It is not easy dear. But definitely possible. But if we do manage to get rid of them, we will come to our original being"

"And what is our original being?"

"A pure loving happy soul."

She had smiles all the way, as she went back to her study table. She started to study but as I watched her, I also saw a few smiles sprinkled on her face - quite unusual of her - when she is in study mode. She is usually quite serious when it comes to her studies. I knew it is her thoughts that are making her smile, and then she said,

"Dad, 1st position or not, I am studying this time just to acquire knowledge. And I feel a bit relaxed. And happy. Which myth is broken here, that makes me feel unusually happy while studying?"

"The myth that 1st position means you are better than others, and any other position means that you are not. This is a big myth that you have just broken."

She embraced me. I just hope she goes on to break many more such myths in her life, and leads a happier contended life. The more myths you break and the more you challenge your beliefs, the closer you approach to your happier loving self.

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