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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is TIME a great healer?

I used to listen it right from my school days "Time is a great healer". And i did see the results also - how things changed (and healed) with time. But, is time, truly a great healer? Is it wise to leave things for time to heal? Or is there a faster, better and a more efficient way, with which we have been empowered to heal ourselves?

If time was  a great healer, then why is that everyone's wound that was created a decade back or even earlier, has not healed until now? Or why did someone's wound heal faster than mine, considering that the time span was the same for both of us? Think about it. Asking time to heal things is like leaving it for destiny to solve the problem for you. It is as if there is a wound, and we just leave it. Do not do anything about it. 
Rather than you taking charge and doing something about it, how wise is it to leave it on the mercy of time to heal it for you?

Time, by itself, is not an entity. Let us take the example of any physical hurt. What would happen if we are physically hurt and leave the wound as it is - for time to heal? The body will definitely use the elapsed time to heal the wound. We might still say that "time" healed the wound, but actually, it was the "body" which initiated the healing process and healed the wound. It did use the time gap to heal it, but the process of healing was initiated and executed by the body, not the time.

What is the fuss behind who healed? Why are we talking about this? Because in many situations in life, we feel dis empowered and leave it for the time to heal our emotional problems. Just if we knew and if we realized that we had the power to heal ourselves, then perhaps, we would not leave it for the time to heal. Can we not heal ourselves? Can we not heal ourselves faster than what time alone can do? Can we not do it more efficiently?

Just like a physical wound, wherein, lets say, i had got a cut on my hand, what would i do? Would i not use my own power to put some antiseptic, bandage, and other first aid to heal myself OR would i leave it for time to take its due course and heal the wound? No doubt, the wound might get healed with time alone as well, but what is more wise in the given situation? - to leave the wound for time OR to use our own powers to heal it to the extent feasible. 

It is no rocket science that if we apply our own powers, we will be able to heal the wound much faster than if we had left it for time alone to heal.

Remember that the longer the wound is unhealed, it is much more vulnerable to further wounds. Remember the childhood days when you got hit on the same wound again and again?

It is exactly the same with our emotional wounds, the innumerable hurts that we carry with us. Someone shouted at me, someone hit me, someone ditched me, someone didn't come on time, someone didn't do the work as expected... - all these are emotional wounds that we carry with us, which snatch away the inherent happiness with in us. 

We can leave all this for time to heal, and rest assured, time will heal. But in the meanwhile, by the time the emotional wound is getting healed, my child spilled the water on the bed or my spouse did not switch off the unused lights - even miniscule wounds like these can re create  a deep wound on me. These smaller wounds can just act as a trigger, and because now i am weaker (not been fully healed from my previous wound), it is very easy to get wounded once again. Therefore getting my healing done "fast" becomes extremely important to prevent further wounds.

It, therefore, makes all the sense to use our own inherent powers to heal these wounds faster. So, that i come out of the weak state fast, and am ready to face the next challenge and protect myself and my inner happiness from such external triggers.

No one outside is going to heal me. I have to heal myself. And the solution to heal our self lies in our thought creation process. It is an art to understand the current thoughts running through our mind and replace them with healing thoughts. Meditation can also definitely help since it helps us to manage our thoughts

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Manoj Arora
You are entitled to happiness unlimited !!


  1. I agree Manoj...time is the biggest healer

  2. Time heals, the scar may remain.
    And may not, provided one is ready to go for the ultimate healing... through reaisation, understanding... not easy, I guess.

    1. Dear Tomichan
      Erasing the scars is all in our thoughts. And our thoughts are created by us. When we learn to create the "right quality" of thoughts, it is easier to heal ourselves, and scars can go too. More details on how and why to create the right quality of thoughts in the upcoming book "Happiness Unlimited".

      Manoj Arora
      (Best Selling Author)