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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DREAM ON Book - The Launch, Reviews, Target Readers

This is my most passionate attempt at elevating our society. This is about Dreams. This is about not only facing setbacks but embracing them, this is about LIFE. We were blessed by the presence of a Mount Everest Conqueror (Mr Ram Lal Sharma) and a Limca Book of Records Holder cyclist (Vamini Sethi) as a part of the launch event for our book DREAM ON.... Read on...

The Book Launch Event
The Book Launch for DREAM ON was done at the just concluded Delhi Book Fair on Saturday, 5th September 2015 from 4:30PM to 6:00PM IST. In an auditorium packed with dreamers, there was excitement and vibrancy all around as multiple guest speakers shared their own experiences of handling setbacks and dreaming on.

Guest Speakers
We were fortunate to have two guest speakers for the launch.

(1) Mr Ram Lal Sharma - Mount Everest Conqueror
A fruit vendor barely able to make his ends meet, Mr Ram Lal dared to scale Mount Everest in 2013 and plans to be the first Indian in 2016 to achieve this feat from both Nepal and China side. That he also happened to be a National Level Shooter should not surprise you. 
He also plans to conquer the highest peaks across all 7 continents in the world.

(2) Mrs Vamini Sethi - A Limca Book of Record Holder Cyclist
Stuck in a corporate rat race and a comfort zone of life, she was eager to do something extraordinary in her life. Having been forced to quit running, she took up cycling and went on to be the only Indian to have cycled 1,111 Km outside India.
She has grand plans going forward and is dreaming on.

Who this book is for?
  • This book is for all the failures, because we believe there is nothing called as a failure.
  • This book is for all achievers, because we believe that you cannot rest on your laurels and that the bliss is in the 'process' of achieving.
  • This book is for anyone looking out to break the rat race of earning money, because we believe that it is time, and not money, which is our most important asset.
  • This book is for people wanting to chase their passion, because we believe that it is impossible to lead an extraordinary life unless you are chasing your passion.
  • This book is for all those who are yet to discover their purpose of existence on this planet, because we believe that passion alone is not enough, and that it needs to be channelised into a mission.
  • This book is for all those who are seeking divine help, because we believe that HE is there with us - all the time, guiding us, nudging us, helping us - to course correct our path.
  • This book is for those who are in a comfort zone in life, because we believe that if you are not growing, you are only degenerating. Comfort Zone is just another name for degeneration.
  • This book is for all those facing negative situations in life, because we believe that every negative situation has to have an equivalent positive side. It is just that we need to learn to flip the side and look at the other side.
  • This book is for all those who want to learn how to dream, because the characters of this book will prove to you that if the dream is big enough, facts do not count.
  • This book is for every human being on this planet because each and everyone of us is unique, and that we have been granted a unique mission. We need to discover it, and then chase it.
  • Come, be a part of the journey with Rahul, who is a school failure, and gets inspired to dream on. One setback after another, he experiences that setbacks are God's way of interacting with him, to course correct his path and lead him towards the discovery of his mission of life.
Look at some book launch pictures
You can have a sneak peek at some of the book launch pictures. You can click on ANY ONE of the below links to look at the pictures:

Where to buy the book from?
The book is now available across India in paperback, ebook and Kindle editions at all major online retail stores.
Some of these online retail stores are also supplying the book internationally. The international paperback edition would be available soon (Kindle and ebook edition is anyway available)
You can visit for all details. 
Select the book and then you can choose the online retailer from whom you wish to buy your copy.

Are there any reviews of the book yet?
Yes, the beta version of the book was shared with some selected people, and the initial reviews were stupendous.
You might want to read some of them here...

Go, Dream On !!


Manoj Arora
Stay happy.... always !! 

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