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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My new specs

It was not until i attended an eye checking camp at my office, did i realize that age and time will set the right perspective in life, more often than you think. It was one of those days. I, along with my colleague, went through the eye check up procedure, and i never knew that it would ultimately result in one of life's most important on..

We were standing in the queue. We filled up the registration form and sat in front of a computerized machine, trying to look inside the lens, as directed by the physician. Well, this did remind me of those beautiful childhood days when we used to watch small songs and movie clips by peeping inside a magical box for a small amount of money. All kids in our locality waited for this magical box to arrive on 4 wheels and we would peep  in with an excitement as if the actors and singers were right inside the box.

Well, times have changed. YouTube and internet have changed the rules of the game. So, while peeping inside this computerized machine, we could not locate any song, music or a movie, but there was just a picture to be stared at. However, the excitement was no less. We continued to peep inside with the same childish excitement. However, after a few buzzes and clicks, we were asked to keep our second eye, and the same process was repeated for the 2nd eye. It was over and out, quite fast. The machine then vomited a printed report.

We looked at our individual reports, and also that of others - the same way we used to look at each other's marks in school. The results were not as perfect. Or maybe, i was under the impression that age may never catch up with me.

The next round of tests was the physical eye examination and a reading test. I realized that it was difficult to read small alphabets with one of the eyes, and the moment a lens was put in front of that eye, everything looked so different. With the lens, it was so crystal clear and easy to read, as if the first monsoon rain had just washed off all the dirt from the air. The doctor advised me for detailed tests since i was probably heading towards a number in one of my eyes.

The detailed tests followed after a week, and finally i got a number. I did not delay the specs preparation, and got them done within 24 hours. So, here i was, with the new specs in my hand, and a view to a new beautiful world, which i never thought existed earlier. I was now seeing everything much more clearly. I mean, for those who wear specs for the first time, they know that it is a revelation on what we were missing till now. The things that we thought were hazy, were actually not. The things that we saw blurred, were actually not. The lack of clarity on the computer screen, was actually not there. Everything got fixed with one fix - and the fix was in my own view.

And then i realized, how beautifully this applies to our lives. This person is not good, that person plays politics, he does not know how to talk properly, she cannot do anything on time..etc etc....we keep seeing these blurred, hazy and faulty vision of the world, till we get the problem fixed inside us. Yes, the problem is in our eyes, the issue is in how we are looking at each person or each situation, and not actually with the person. We ought to look inside, and fix the root of the problem. Self mastery, Self correction and self discipline is what is going to change our view of the world outside. The world outside was always beautiful, and will always remain so. It is just that a layer of haziness has engulfed our eyes with time. It is up to us to get this fixed...the earlier the better.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and if your eyes have got blurred with time, please go ahead, take ownership and get a new specs of awareness to see a clear, beautiful and magical world. 

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Manoj Arora
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